Detailed initial study to analyse human visitor numbers (Action A5)

 Mont Caume is currently used for a wide range of mainly sports activities, by people who are often unaware of local environmental issues and the status of the land at the site. A study was launched in April to gain a more detailed insight into human activity at the site. It involves observing user behaviour at the site, conducting questionnaire surveys, installing eco-counters to count the number of people using the site each day for different activities, and studying all information sources that mention Mont Caume (brochures, websites, etc.).

Visitor management operation (Action C6)

 The aim of this action will be to channel human activity at the site away from vulnerable areas and zones that are threatened by trampling. A key-operated barrier will be installed to limit access to service vehicles only. An educational trail will be created for pedestrians, to raise awareness about the site's natural and historical importance and its beauty.  The project will also involve the installation of safety features at the cliffs and the erection of suitable signage.

 Information signs and an educational programme (Action E3)

 This action will involve the installation of three types of sign at Mont Caume:

  •  site entry point signs that will provide information along the lines of "military site of outstanding natural importance"
  •  "work" signs that will explain the restoration work undertaken at the site
  •  educational signs that will focus on local natural assets and will take various forms, such as interactive signs and information points, animal silhouettes, etc.