Mont Caume management plan (Action A4)

To date, there has never been a management plan for Mont Caume. Yet suitable natural asset management and protection measures can only be introduced with the support of a detailed scientific and technical document.

One of the first priorities of the Life project will therefore be to produce a management plan. The first section of this plan will contain an environmental assessment of Mont Caume. This initial assessment will highlight the presence of habitats and species of community importance at the site.

The second section will contain a detailed management plan, listing all conservation activities that will be implemented, based on the conclusions of the environmental assessment and the environmental challenges identified. For each of these aims, a series of practical restoration, protection and monitoring activities will be set out. Maps will also be produced, showing the locations of the habitats and species of community importance and showing the boundaries of the areas covered by the management activities.

Feasibility study on the registration and transfer of military land (Action A7)

The aim of this action is to investigate the possibility of transferring Ministry of Defence land that is not used for military purposes and is a Natura 2000 listed site to a natural space management body. It will involve drawing up a list of potentially transferable plots of military land, defining an environmental hierarchy development methodology that includes biological criteria, and producing a legal framework for the transfer of military land.

Mont Caume will act as a practical case study in this respect.

Management delegation agreement (Action B1)

Based on the outcomes of Action A7, CEN PACA and the Ministry of Defence will draft a management agreement, governed by article L2123-2 of the French Public Property Code, under which management of the site will be delegated to CEN PACA. The agreement will be signed before completion of the project.

This will be the first agreement of its kind in France.