Detailed initial study to analyse human visitor numbers (Action A5)

Ruines Villa Jean Garrigues smgg

In addition to the military operations and controlled hunting, the Garrigues camp is also used in an unregulated manner by civilians, despite the fact that members of the public are not permitted to enter the camp.

The aim of the study is to locate and quantify military and civilian activity at the camp that may have an impact on vulnerable species.

The survey will identify suitable locations for eco-counters, which will provide quantitative data about human visitor numbers and will help to target and prepare for enforcement operations (action C6). The objective of these actions is to limit the threats to these vulnerable sites. The actions will be established in conjunction with the army and users of the military base.


Visitor management operation (Action C6)

Two types of action will be conducted at the Garrigues camp to limit the risks posed by human activity:

  •  Erection of information signs around sensitive sites (nesting grounds, etc.) for military personnel
  •  Five enforcement operations in conjunction with various police services and authorised agents.


Information signs (Action E3)

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Several types of sign will be installed to provide information about the project and ongoing actions. First, information signs will be erected on the main access routes to educate military personnel about the important biodiversity at the Garrigues camp. Signs will also be erected at the site entrances. Finally, signs detailing current operations will be placed around the locations concerned as and when required.



Camp des Garrigues