Administrative and financial management of the project ("F" Actions)

The administrative and financial aspects of the project are coordinated and managed by CEN Rhône-Alpes, working closely with the four project beneficiaries (CEN PACA, SMGG, CEN Corsica and the Ministry of Defence).

The aim of this coordination work is to:

  • Coordinate all partners and assist them in managing the project
  • Prepare the relevant financial statements
  • Report to the European Commission and to other donors on project progress and budget management.

A working group comprising administrative and financial managers from the various partner organisations met in April 2013. At the meeting, the participants prepared the financial section of the first annual report, which was submitted to the European Commission in June 2013.

The same working group will meet again this June, during the seminar at the Chambaran Camp, to prepare the financial statements for the year ended 30/04/2014.

An external audit of expenditure is planned as part of Action F1, managed by CEN Rhône-Alpes. An invitation to tender was issued in March 2014, and Ohayon was selected to perform the audit. The auditors will conduct an audit once a year until the end of the project.

The first audit will take place in mid-May 2014, covering the financial statements for the year ended 30/04/2014. The outcomes of this audit will be used to prepare the annual report submitted to the European Commission. 


Bilan et produits de la coordination administrative :

  • Administrative management outcomes
  • A guideline document to help "prepare" financial statements
  • A guideline document on contract award procedures
  • Grant allocation agreements for 2013 and 2014
  • Financial monitoring tables for partners