Best practice guide (Action E4)

The best practice guide and code of conduct will be designed as informative and interactive documents. They will set out examples of best practice to encourage effective ecological conservation, as well as practices that should be avoided, organised or prohibited. It will cover military or infrastructure operations at the sites concerned, as well as off-site manoeuvres.

Work on drafting the guide began at the Steering Committee meeting on 13 June 2013. All of the partners present at the meeting will now use their personal experience, and the lessons they have learned from the project, to prepare additional content for the guide. This action will be supported by the outcomes of Action A6.

Production of a comic strip (Action E4)

The comic strip is an educational tool that highlights the history of the camps and the biological challenges associated with them. Its aim is to educate a wide audience, from regular soldiers to commanding officers, in a fun way. The ultimate goal is to enhance their understanding of biodiversity and how military activities can support effective site management.

Training for military personnel and natural space managers (Action E5)

This action involves delivering training courses for both military personnel and environmental staff. These programmes will cover the challenges associated with military land, and will help the participants to better identify these issues.

Following a series of accidents at the Canjuers and Garrigues military bases, it is imperative to deliverpyrotechnical training sessions to all individuals entering a military camp (excluding Ministry of Defence personnel). The Ministry of Defence has therefore organised training sessions at the two sites in question (Garrigues and Chambaran), to educate all project stakeholders about pyrotechnical risks and safety instructions, as well as provide general information about activities at the camp.

The Ministry of Defence and CEN Rhône-Alpes have also delivered training sessions tomilitary personnel:

- Presentation of the project and its key challenges to Ministry of Defence environment managers (27 January 2014, 6 March 2014)

And tonatural space managers:

- Presentation of the project and discussions about the specific characteristics of natural space management with MFR de la Petite Gonthière(28 May 2013 and 24 January 2014)

- A workshop about the biodiversity of military land with CEN Aquitaineat the 2013 CEN Seminar.