Communication tools (Actions E1 and E2)

The project will use the following communication tools:

  • creation of a dedicated visual style: A benchmark study has been performed, focusing on the visual styles of the biodiversity and army sectors. Design officeSystem Dhas submitted three proposals. During discussions at the Steering Committee meeting on 10 December 2012, we selected the logo and visual identity of the project, which can now be found on all our communication tools.
  • creation of a brochure(download the three versions)
  • production ofmobile communication media 
  • production of posters on the biodiversity of military land. In order to obtain suitable visuals, we decided to launch aphoto competitionon the biodiversity of military land.
  • self-adhesive stickersto identify all acquisitions covered by the project
  • creation of a dedicated website

The project featured in numerous articles in 2013. The press review can be foundhere.

Publication of results (Action E7)

A Life project report, destined for the general public, will be published at the end of the project, This report will outline the project, its objectives, its actions and its results. It will be designed for a non-specialist readership.